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W e l c o m e   t o    L R J E T. c o m


     Welcome to the all new LRJET.com.  This site is designed to get you prepared for your simulator oral exam.  Inside you'll find animated programs that make studying more entertaining.   



Test your skills with the new Morse Code quizzez.

New Morse Keyboard 10WPM added

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W h a t s  N e w

L e a r J e t     J o b s !

    I am have decided to continue adding other aircraft models to this website.  I will be working on adding the Citation fleet to this website.  I have finished the CE560Xl model.  The Citation II / III / Ultra are on its way.  It usually takes me about three months to complete an aircraft.  So, please bear with me. 

I would like to thank everyone that has purchased a CD.  The revenue that I had earned was used to purchase some cool programs.  The only thing is that I'll have to take some time out to learn how to use them.   Expect to see some cool graphic pictures and 3d models coming soon.



    I'm sharing all of my info, so share some back and post some job info...

   I receive a ton of emails asking if I know of any jobs out there.  Unfortunately, I am one of those happy, dumb pilots that is currently not searching another job.     






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